All Natural Beef

We take pride in the fact that our beef is Antibiotic-Free* and is certified All-Natural by the USDA. This means, when you buy beef from Huwa Reserve you can feel confident that there aren’t any antibiotics or additives in your meat.

Furthermore, you can rest assured that beef from Huwa Reserve has never been fed any growth hormones and have never been injected with any steroids or chemicals. Our animals are also raised on a 100% vegetarian diet and are never given any animal by-products. And since we raise all the feed for our herd right here on the Huwa Family Farm, we don’t have to worry about any mistakes or additives in our supply change.

Huwa Reserve cattle spend the vast majority of their lives grazing in open grass pastures and are finished on grain to give our beef the flavor and marbling you crave. Want to learn more about how our cattle are raised? Click here to read all about the Huwa Family Ranch. *As verified by a 120-Day Affidavit