Prime Steak Burger

Ground Steakburger (2.5 lbs)


Do you like to meal prep for the week? Or have a large family to feed? Then this blissful 2.5 lbs of Steakburger is your answer! You can prep 2-4 meals for the week...taco, burritos, sloppy joes, burgers, chili, soups, meatballs, lasagna, spaghetti, or just some ground steakburger to mix in with rice, veggies, quinoa, or make a taco salad. Anything is possible with Huwa Reserve Steakburger, not to mention tasty and all natural! 

Have a lot of mouths to feed at once...this is your ticket to making everyone happy! All the meals mentioned above are great for a gathering or just a normal weeknight for a large family. 

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Beef is often a centerpiece for celebrations and family gatherings. If you’re planning a get together with family and friends, you want to make sure you get the highest-quality meat money can buy. At Huwa Reserve, we take great pride in our prime steak burger package because we don’t want to let our customers down. We also want to provide convenience for our customers, which is why you can order meat online from Huwa Reserve to be shipped directly to your home.

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Less than 10 percent of all beef produced in the United States is rated Prime, and we are proud that Huwa beef is consistently rated eight to 10 times higher than the average beef! You can trust that our Prime Black Angus beef steakburger options are made of natural beef, are perfectly marbled, and are ready for your barbecue or gathering—no matter how big or small! Plus, we make it easy by offering the option to order beef online.

Huwa Reserve Has Bulk Ground Beef for Your Next Gathering

As tender and flavorful as Prime steak, our delicious ground beef is perfect for both meals at home and large events where you have a lot of mouths to feed. With the variety of options we provide, you’re sure to find something that appeals to you and yours. We think everyone should have the opportunity to experience the highest-quality Colorado-raised Prime beef, farm-to-table. That’s why we are here for you!

If You Need High-Quality Meat, Choose Huwa Reserve

Made from our well-marbled Prime Black Angus, our ground beef is perfect for making a juicy steakburger at your next big gathering. Rather than sticking with a generic meal, try a prime steak burger made from all-natural beef, and taste for yourself the care and attention we put into every one of our grass-fed, corn-finished cattle. At Huwa Reserve, we make it easy to order meat online, so you never have to wait around for bulk ground beef to arrive on your property.

Experience the Remarkable Flavor of Huwa's Prime Steak Burger

We are one of the few ranches conducting 100 percent DNA testing to ensure maximum flavor and marbling. We continue to develop our understanding of how to ensure our Prime Black Angus beef tastes the best. Using only superior and reliable genetics in our herd, we’re able to breed for multi-trait excellence and consistently produce the highest-quality cuts. Only 7 percent of all Prime Black Angus beef produced in the country is rated prime. We’re proud that Huwa Prime Black Angus beef is consistently rated 8-10 times higher than that percentage.


Well-Marbled and Flavorful Prime Black Angus Beef

No matter what the occasion, our Prime Black Angus beef cuts make the ideal provision for any gathering. Huwa Reserve offers quality-crafted cuts that have been dry aged for 28 days to achieve exceptional flavor and taste. Our variety of quality cuts are available for all who appreciate well-raised natural steaks and who want the convenience of their meal coming right to their front door! To inquire about our beef or to share any thoughts on how you have enjoyed it, reach out to us today. The Huwa Reserve team members would love to hear from you!

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