Chuck Roast - Boneless


Roasts are the ultimate cut of meat because the cooking can be done for you! All you need is a couple minutes of prep time. Try out our unique Dr.Pepper recipe!!! It results in the most tender meat with a hint of sweet flavor that you are able to slice with your fork.

  1. Place roast in a crock pot set on Low
  2. Add a can of La Costena Jalapenos
  3. Cover roast 3/4 of the way with Dr. Pepper (usually takes 2- 12 oz cans depending how large your meat is)
  4. Cook on low for 8 hours
  5. ENJOY!

Use the meat for tacos, nachos, breakfast burritos, or pair with any kind of sides for a delicious meal! 

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Never settle when you order meat online, as a cut of Prime Black Angus beef can elevate an ordinary evening to something you'll remember. The Huwa Reserve difference is a big one, and we always strive to provide our customers with well-marbled, tasty cuts of chuck roast when they order beef online. It's an honor and a privilege to give our customers some of the best grass-fed and corn-finished Prime Black Angus beef anywhere on the mail order beef market.

Order Beef Chuck Roast Online

There is no shortage of options when it comes to ordering beef chuck roasts online, but why risk choosing a mediocre company? We dry age our Colorado Prime Black Angus beef to perfection, a process that takes 28 days to complete. The process ensures that every cut of our beef chuck roast is bold, well-marbled and memorable. We want all our customers to have a positive experience when they order meat online.

Premium Chuck Roast Ready to Order

At Huwa Reserve, we always strive for excellence, and with years of experience in the industry, we believe it's a difference you can taste. Generations of ranchers is a large part of this, and our team knows what it takes to ensure the premier quality of every cut we send out into the world. We are proud to make getting your hands-on quality cuts of beef easier than ever, and our ordering process is streamlined, and our website is easy to use.

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Not all ranchers are alike, so deciding where you want to put your trust is a crucial aspect to consider when you order beef online. Our strong reputation for supplying high-quality cuts is well documented, and we take great pleasure in being a small part of your family. As a family owned and operated, all-natural beef company, we think our reputation stands alongside anyone else in the industries.

Experience the Remarkable Flavor of Huwa's Chuck Roasts

We are one of the few ranches conducting 100 percent DNA testing to ensure maximum flavor and marbling. We continue to develop our understanding of how to ensure our Prime Black Angus beef tastes the best. Using only superior and reliable genetics in our herd, we’re able to breed for multi-trait excellence and consistently produce the highest-quality cuts. Only 7 percent of all Prime Black Angus beef produced in the country is rated prime. We’re proud that Huwa Prime Black Angus beef is consistently rated 8-10 times higher than that percentage.


Well-Marbled and Flavorful Prime Black Angus Beef

No matter what the occasion, our Prime Black Angus beef cuts make the ideal provision for any gathering. Huwa Reserve offers quality-crafted cuts that have been dry-aged for 28 days to achieve exceptional flavor and taste. Our variety of quality cuts are available for all who appreciate well-raised natural steaks and who want the convenience of their meal coming right to their front door! To inquire about our beef or to share any thoughts on how you have enjoyed it, reach out to us today. The Huwa Reserve team members would love to hear from you!

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